Lilee of Rodriguez Hill – Dam

Lilee is our single female we have at RH Adventures.  Because of her level of intelligence, her confirmation, and being proven to produce some of the top Akita pups we have ever seen, we kept our girl with us during our move.

She is currently in OHIO being bred with Jago Champion male Walker.

A little about Lilee.   She is crazy intelligent, loyal, and very athletic.  She is the keeper of the watch and was always the alarm that would set off the others when something was amiss on the property.

She loves to hunt when we let her loose on our 40 acres.  She is like a gazelle in the forest – leaping over bushes and downed trees.  Lilee in a full sprint is a site to behold.

She is an Alpha female that has a deep bond for her humans.  She is a little slow to greet new folks that come onto the property but once she knows all is well – usually with our ok – she becomes a stranger’s best friend!

She knows how to open closed doors cabinets.  She figures things out quickly.   She is an Akita that will look straight into your eyes and into your soul.  She is caring and prefers to be with her humans.

A little about Walker, the sire of her litter November 2019.  He is HUGE.  About 125 and completely docile.  He has an impressive champion bloodline and has worked the show circuit.  We are SO looking forward to these pups.  We are now taking deposits!

Here is our girl, Lilee!

Lilee and Walker (Lilee is laying on the ground – Walker standing up)

BLAST FROM THE PAST – Pics of Lilee’s last litter

Lillee’s first litter of pups Playing with the kitty!