Shade the Great



Our newest boy brings us impressive champion decorated bloodline(s) for 5 generations.  Shade is just starting his Sire duties in 2024 and thus far, has been a great performer!  Go Shade!

Why did we bring Shade into our breeding program?  That’s easily explained.  Impressive bloodlines and beyond amazing demeanor / personality traits.
Like his buddy, Ryko, Shade is laid back and extremely personable soon after he meets those  people he has never met.  He is docile but an incredible Protecter of the watch!  He is one of our akitas that is quick to let us know when there is an unauthorized entrance of someone or something onto the property. 

Shade is a gentle boy with us.  He loves his humans and communicates with adorable head tilts, ear positions, vocal sounds and body language .  We are so happy so have him with us.

Welcome to the family, Shade!  We love you, boy!!