Rodriguez Hill Akitas, Indiana . They are not a huge breeding facility as they think this would take away the necessary time each dog needs. They bred their dogs every now and then to produce sound Akitas with proper dispositions and conformation. 

Today, Rich and Eli took on a huge change in their life and had to relocate to care for an elderly parent.  They were blessed with an opportunity to keep thier bloodlines going through a fellow breeder in Ohio.  They kept one girl , Lillee / 2019.  They will soon rebuild as time allows.  For now, they are a one dog kennel and will slowly build.  Great things are to come in 2020 though.

It is their goal to enhance the bloodlines with strong lines and do their part in conserving the true standards of the Akita breed. They provide an excellent environment for all of their dogs and ensure that they all receive equal attention and love.

Some would ask – Why Choose RH Akitas? The answer is simple.

Rodriguez and Hill focus on providing a Hassle Free process to those acquiring a high quality Akita pup. They do not ask for a life history or question every aspect of your being in order to place a pup in your home. They do not stand in judgement or treat you with lack of respect just because you may not know everything there is to know about this wonderful breed. Rodirguez Hill Akitas gives you full ownership of your new puppy. They will not make surprise visits to your home to check up on you – like some breeders do – and you have the right to breed your Akita, move to another state etc… Many contracts have you commit to many restrictions, some of those being invasive and a breech of privacy. As long as you understand the basics of the Akita breed, are open to enriching your knowledge of the breed, and have the proper environment for your new pup – this is all they require. They also stress their availabilty through out the life of the dog and stand behind Rodriguez Hill Akitas’ Health Guarantee 100%. They believe that anyone willing and able to spend the amount it costs to aquire an Akita pup at today’s market price deserves the utmost respect. This fact alone indicates the type of environemnt their pups would be going to. Not just anyone can aquire an Akita pup. At Rodriguez Hill Akitas – you are given respect and will continue to receive it for the life of the pup. RHAkitas also provides each new Akita puppy owner their very own

…Akita Pup Care Package.

In this care package you will receive the puppy’s blanket – his/her current toys – our mini ebooks – and a complimentary bag of the puppy’s puppy food. And finally – another item you recieve is a CD with puppy pictures of your new pup from birth to current day along with photos of the parents and litter mates. You don’t just receive a pup and that is it. You recieve so much more from RHAkitas. Rich and Eli believe in going the extra mile for their new Akita pup owners – welcoming them to the Wonderul World of Akita ownership! “It’s a Celebration every time we find the perfect home for one of our pups!”

Rodriguez Hill Akitas Sires are DNA registered with the AKC.

Our Mission

To provide a hassle-free purchasing process for premium Akita Pups by skipping the common application process many breeders require

To treat our customers with the respect they deserve

To insure our new puppy owners are aware of the unique qualities and needs of the Akita

To insure the new puppy owners have the needed resources to continue their education about the needs of the Akita breed

To give the customer what they pay for and stay committed to this service for the life of their new puppy, respecting the privacy and choices the new owner makes for their new pup.

To stand behind our comprehensive Health Guarantee 100%

To breed high quality Akita pups using proven pedegrees and genetics.

To continue our efforts in improving the Aktia breed in America by selective breeding practices using the American Kennel Club’s description for the Akita Breed Standards.