Chula Stunning Star


Our girl,  Chula is exactly that, “Chula” , meaning Beautiful in Spanish.
Chula is the daughter of our girl CoCo and her father is our boy, Ryko.  She contains an impressive load of champion bloodlines on her Moms side and her dad’s.   Chula has a conformation that is impressive as well and her personality traits are very similar to her mom.
Chula is an Alpha female and is one tough girl.
Her acceptance of new visitors is much slower as her priority is to protect her human and canine family.  Once she sees our acceptance of the new visitor , she  herself accepts them.
She is a hunter and works our backyard forest like a cheetah!  Very athletic and a wonderfully joyous Akita!

We look forward to her first litter come March 1st 2024.  She will be bred with Shade and her pups will own impressive  champion bloodlines. We are so excited!