How To Purchase a Rodriguez Hill Akita Pup

Please contact us by sending an email to rhakitas7@gmail.com  or texting us at 812-320-0240 to insure the puppy or Priority Choice position (1st pick, 2nd pick, etc ),  you are interested in is still available. Although we strive to update this site immediately following the sale of a pup, or the securing of a priority choice position, we sometimes get behind an hour or so. You can also call or text (812) 320-0240.

Once you have been notified of the pup’s availability, you have several options to send your payment to us. (See Below) At eight (8) weeks of age the puppy is old enough to ship by air. At  seven (7) weeks – the puppy is old enough to pick up by it’s new owner or be delivered by ground by us. (for Priority Choice Pick on future litters see below

Sending Payment for your Pup

Option 1

Payment ONLINE using PayPal

We will EMAIL you an invoice.

Simply click on the “PAY INVOICE” link at the bottom and follow the prompts to enter credit card info.  Its a simple and quick process.  This is a PayPal invoice.  You do not need a PayPal account to send your payment. 

Option Two

CREDIT CARD (Preferred)  (No Fees)

We gladly take Visa, MC, American Express and Discover and can process your credit card /debit card over the phone.  Please call us with your CC information.

Option Three


We will provide you with the required banking information for transferring your funds by bank wire.

Deposits for Future Litters

Rodriguez Hill Akitas gladly takes deposits for future pups. This is how it works.


We designate 3 puppies from each litter for  Priority Choice. That is – we take deposits for 1st/2nd/3rd Pick male and 1st/2nd/3rd Pick female in each litter scheduled.

When the preferred dam has a litter of pups we delay posting the litter to the public until all our Priority Choice Customers have selected their pups first.

Our first call is to the 1st in line for both male and female, then second then third. These six customers are given “Priority Choice” to the pups in the litter.  Our customer may take up to 24 hours to make their choice.

Once the pups are selected by their new owners – we post the remaining puppies to the public.

The Priority Choice Process:

On our Puppy Page – there is a listing of litters on the way what female is having the litter.

Once you have decided which litter you would like a puppy from – simply contact us to verify what positions are available.

We will then  email your invoice so you can secure your position with your deposit (deposits are 50% down).

It’s an easy process!   

We also send you a receipt along with other docs showing what litter you are in line for and what priority position you hold. Your final payment for your new pup will be required at the exciting time you make your choice from the litter.

Because we cannot guarantee the production of a litter or a certain sex of a pup in a litter we do want to insure you have options.

If you do not want to use our options – we gladly issue refunds that meet within our guidelines. See excerpt from our “Guarantee” page below.

As Stated in our “Guarantee”

Should a litter/puppy not be produced – Priority Choice customer shall have their deposit transferred to another litter of their choice on the ground and or given  available choice on the next litter available. In the rare event that RH Akitas is not able to supply you with options for a puppy, a Refund of the “Priority Choice” deposit will be refunded 3-4 weeks after request has been received.  Priority Choice refunds are not given for any reason other than a puppy not being available.  We do not give refunds if a certain color, pattern, size, or any other physical attribute is not present on puppies in the litter.  We do not give refunds on deposits if you change your mind.  Please make sure you are sure with your commitment to purchase a pup from RH Akitas.  In all – we do all we can to make the buyer completely happy and proud owners of a premium quality AKC Akita puppy.

Rodriguez Hill Akitas